We all have a story to tell. A perspective worthy of an audience. A cause to champion. And ideas that can inspire. 

From your lips to their ears– let’s capture something special, together. 

Our Core Services

PodTechs provide clients with the support they need to design and develop without worrying about the technical, tedious things. 

Our mission is to focus on busting the barriers to entry for podcasting. We will help you develop your podcasting concept, plan your podcasting content calendar, write your scripts, record and edit your podcast, provide strategic dissemination support, and more! 

Don’t let life get in the way of your creative pursuits! We’re here to provide as much creative and technical support as you need– we’ll be your consistent source of accountability, reliability, time management, and scheduling. 

Our Impact

Our PodTechs team brings excitement and confidence to every client, project, and task. Our process is fun and customizable to your needs. We’re excited to help our clients grow by finding new ways to reach their customers and endorse their brand– all while measuring progress and helping hone their passion.

Seven Stages for a Successful Podcast

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Coming Soon


Monica & Lola have teamed up to host a podcast show for HR Professionals.

Monica Kang is the owner of InnovatorsBox whose mission is to unlock creativity for all. Through creative educational workshops, consulting, facilitation, and tools, we help all professionals hone their creativity to solve problems in the face of change and complexity.

Lola Han is the owner of Cultivate People who provides total rewards consulting services, including establishing competitive compensation and benefits for employees.