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Innovative HR, hosted by Dr. Marcella McCurdy

“My first large speaking engagement was at our high school class graduation at Mershon Auditorium at the Ohio State University. My speaking story is funny and interesting because in school I would get in trouble for talking too much.

Then I heard Les Brown speak in person in 2019 and he said he loved to talked too. That day, Mr. Brown changed me because the light bulb went off that I could follow in his footsteps and be a world class public speaker as a profession.

Recently I was one of the featured speakers at the Celebrasian Conference in Houston, Texas. Throughout my public and private sector career, I have delivered more than 100 presentations including topics such as, recruiting, training, diversity and inclusion, college internships, technology, and leadership.”

Dr. Marcella McCurdy

Dr. Marcella McCurdy