Entrepreneurial Spirit with Craig M. Chavis

Innovative HR 

Hosted by: Marcella McCurdy with Craig M. Chavis

Episode Title: Entrepreneurial Spirit with Craig M. Chavis

Episode Description: Meet Craig of Cre8ive - he will inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and share his exciting life adventures. In today's modern workforce, organizations love people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Hear from Craig regarding his entrepreneurial quest.

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About Host

Dr. Marcella McCurdy, whose core mission is centered on Bridging Gaps and Breaking Barriers throughout the career development landscape, uses her voice to ignite change and give inspiration. Her work focuses on IT talent development and recruitment, succession planning, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Dr. McCurdy has delivered speeches in an open Q & A discussion format about human resource departments, such as “Ask Me Anything Relating to HR, Leadership, or Diversity.”  Additionally, she loves to share her story about overcoming obstacles, and how she discovered her career path. 


About Guest

Craig M. Chavis, Jr. is Principal of Cre8ive Craig, LLC, a cutting-edge firm leveraging coaching and consulting to holistically support creatives throughout their entire journey of entrepreneurship and beyond. Chavis says that discovering who you are, embracing the process of becoming, and deflecting people’s confinements to their labels or judgments is key to living your best life. His calling is to live life on his terms, add value to others, and get paid for it.

Stay tuned to Chavis’ debut book, “Burdens of a Dream: 33 Actionable Nuggets of Wisdom for the Creative Entrepreneur.” 

Chavis is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and a former D1 collegiate athlete who earned an Master's in Business Administration from The University of Tampa, and an Bachelor in Sciences and of Arts in Entrepreneurship, with a concentration in International Business, and a Minor in Spanish from Samford University in Florida. Chavis resides in Columbus, OH, and enjoys trying new foods, reading, and traveling. 

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